Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Us in the U.S.

 Edson did some work on my bike in Texas.  We were glad to get back on the road after a 5 day stop over.

 We zoomed through Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi on interstate highways all the way.  The roads were excellent and easy to travel.  Flat and straight in our sights all day.  Take note of my new riding boots.  My other ones had a blow out.
 We visited Graceland in Memphis Tennesee.  This interstate offered more relaxed riding with some nice scenery.  So nice to see trees again.
 This is the Blue Ridge Parkway, an awesome road with excellent views of the mountains.  The scenery is stunning and there is no commerical traffic so the ride was excellent.  Check out the flowers below that lined the road and look-off stops.

 Cody Cook is my new mechanic.  He will get us back on the road in no time.
Today Wed June 15 we took a one bike tour through the mountains and hills of three states.  North Carolina, Virgina and Tennessee, beautiful country.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From there to here

Mexico offered us several days of excellent travel.  The weather was stinking hot and sunny. The roads were great, good black top, straight stretches with soft curves for the most part.  I love to ride in Mexico.

Brownsville Texas is stinking hot too, can't comment on the roads because we have been held up for repairs for 5 days.  My moto crawled here with a push and a shove.  The mechanic was shocked at the state of the chain and sprokets and advised me not to go any further until they were replaced.  I had to agree since I heard the chain rattling for the last 10 km.  All I asked from my KLR was to make it over the bridge to the USA so I could get it some loving care.  Brownsville is a nice, quiet Texas town with a mechanic less than 10 km from the border.  Many thanks to the border crossing official who found the dealer on the web and gave us directions to the shop.  Kudos to the mechanics working on our motos too.

 From wild turkeys of Tikal to the fowl of Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville.

I told Tim not to get too close to that reptile!
 From deserted beaches in Mexico to well used beaches in Texas

A beach somewhere on the Mexico Gulf

A beach somewhere in Mexico

La Pesca

La Pesca
 These are beaches we visited in Mexico as we zoomed up the coast.

Schlitterbahn beach South Padre Island, Brownsville

Schlitterbahn beach South Padre Island, Brownsville.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Saint, A Magician and A Friend

Saint Ricardo

The Magician Julio

 Tikal Inn was our home in Guatemala for 2 weeks.  After our little loop, checking out the cool spots we returned for a week.  This monkey and his freinds were our welcoming committee.  We saw troup of monkeys swinging across the road on the trees overhead as we drove into Tikal.  Tikal Inn is beautiful and the staff were freindly and treated us like family.  The grounds were full of gardens that attracted birds and wildlife.  Everyday I awoke to humming birds on the red and yellow flowers outside my window. 

Charlotte and Riccardo, freinds bid us farewell
 I really didn´t know what to expect from Belize after seeing this bathroom at the border.  No I didn´t use it.  Anyhow, Belize is more developed than this Baño depicts.  Actually is was nice to be in an English speaking country.  Belize is easy to get around and has lots to see.  We enjoyed the roads that were traffic free even though they are unmarked, not even a center line. 
First Baño of Belize

Finer sights of Belize

Belize Coast

Sunset in Mexico

Jasmine and her mother quenched our thirst on a hot afternoon.

The busiest taco stand in  Boca De Rio

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Getting Around Guatemala

Ferry on the way to Coban Guatemala

Tim Tubing in the Candeleria Caves.

Domingo and his family, guide for the caves.

A scenic shot on the trail to the caves.

Market in Coban
This little clip is for all you motorcycle enthusiasts who dream of riding along in the country side of Guatemala.  To really get the feel of it you will need to put 1000 blow dryers on high about 6 inches from your viewing position.  I took this while riding on the back of my moto on the way into town to sort out getting Tims bike repaired.  His bike is now getting the engine rebuilt.  The last estimate on time is 5 days to deliver the parts and a day to put it all back together.  We decided to go out and enjoy the sites of Guatemala given the extra week or so in the country.  We are exploring the country and some of the cooler hot spots for tourisits.  The Candeleria caves were very cool the water temperature was refreshing and the views were incredible.  Coban is in the mountains so it is also cool here.  I almost could put a sweater on as I sit on the patio typing this blog.  Tomorrow we are going on a day trip to Semuc Champey and Lanquin Caves.  The list of things to bring includes a sweater so I think it will be cool too.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Groovin in Guatemala

Tim and I are in Flores, Guatemala.  We are booked into the Tikal Inn in Tikal for a couple of days.  We planned to leave for Belize yesterday but Tim´s moto is having mechanical difficulties so we are here until it´s back on the road.  The Tikal Inn is beautiful and has a pool so life is good.  The moto is in the hands of a good machanic with Chinango capabilities...this means he can make parts from tin cans to get us on the road.  We´ll see how it goes. 

The return trip is going really well, we are balancing the desire to rush home with the want to make sure we see a bit of the countries we visit.  I think the return will find us enjoying the Mayan ruins along our route.  We are trying not to go too far off the main road....whateverrr that is.  Yesterday we took in the Tikal ruins with facination and admiration in our hearts.  These Mayan people built incredible cities with water systems, dwellings with ventilation / running water and temples and buildings of incredible size with amazing artistry displays.  I hope you get the picture from the ones I share.

Jaguar Temple

Temple V peeking through the jungle

An amazing tree and man

Camilla braving a tunnel in the ruins.

Tim´s moto getting loving care

Coati enjoying a snack.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy in Honduras

 This tour guide is explaining the formation of an eagle on the side of a cave in central Honduras.
Beautiful trees line the roads as we zoom zoom through Honduras.  The man is a typical sight also usually carring huge loads of wood.

Central Park in Copan Ruins Honduras.  Local folks just hanging out enjoying the square.

These fellows were enjoying a snack until I interrupted with my camrea.  They were at the Copan Ruins.

The statue of the Bat King at the Museum of Sculpture

Cool photo of orginal Myan artistry.
Tim and I are having a wonderful time in Honduras.  We followed a great road through Nicaragua and the riding is spectacular.  The mountain regions of Nicaragua and Honduras are very scenic and sparcely inhabited.  The rainy season has started so we are trying to get out of Central America but there is just so much to see and do.